The Mythbusters Rock My Socks…

The Mythbusters Speaker Forum thing was absolutely awesome… the dudes managed to alternated drawn out boring diatribes (mostly from Jamie) and really hilarious quips (Mostly from Adam… though they swapped sometimes.) And then they had a blooper reel, that apparently Jamie was seeing for the frst time along with all of us, which leads me to believe that either it’s a new reel, and they used to use an old reel, or that they don’t do very many personal appearances… I guess RPI would be the place to do it if you did… we’re very science oriented.

Anyhow they finished it off with a some question and answer, and then Adam Ate Two packets of Pop Rocks and Drank some Pepia.

I’m pretty sure I think Adam is a lot cooler than Jamie. I know that’s probably not an assessment I should make from just seeing them on TV and at a speaking engagement, but… *Shrigs.* That’s just my personal opinion… plus I loved seeing him getting repeatedly injured on the blooper reel. How can you not love that… I would kill to be able to get a job doing that sort of shit, and I don’t even mean on TV… though that would be a definite bonus…. but to make shit… it would be kool… I mean that’s what I do right now, I think outside the box and come up with ways to make things… but I don’t have the resources to make cool shit like that… that takes money.

I’m an artist child of scientists… I think outside the box, I know the basics of physics and stuff… and I’m good with my hands… I wanna do shit with my hands…

Now however that is the least of my worries… right now I am debating weather or not to have microwave popcorn. I have one bag left… but I can easily get more tomorrow from mom… but I only have an hour and a half before bed… but… that’s plenty of time to eat popcorn…



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