Derob ma I.

There’s something wonderful about my palm pilot. Can write on it without looking down. Sort of sometimes there are tlpos. Tupos ate bell. Mut that’s ok. I don’t much mind. Hell… it’s fun. And I can do it in class wlthout feaaof any one reading ovgr my shouter. It’s great for Blogging onthe go.

Right then. Let’s Blog.

Professor C. has shaved, and no longer looks like Dr. Phill. You would think this would make things less disturbing, but it doesn’t. He looks even creepier to be perfectly honest. I have so much frigging work to do in the next week, it’s not even funny. Why do people say that sort of thing anyhow? Have you ever had so much work it IS funny? I never have. It’s an absurd twist of the english language.

Someone kill me. Quickly. We’re watching a movie about sorting things. It’s fracking insane. I hate it. With a passion. It’s horrid. Meh.

Oh! I’m more of a Lurker than a Trekkie, however: This shirt Rocks so many apples.

Does anyone else say that? “Rocks Apple’s”?

“That’s semantic zoom, in a very brief nutshell.” Isn’t a nuttshell, by definition brief? This guy is a nut job.



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