So Yes…

I just lost the entry I was trying to write… I was catching you up on what the hell’s been keeping me away from writing. I’ll compose in Word now, because I just remembered I don’t trust the window. Anyhow yes… I just realized I didn’t even Write about the Player’s 75th Anniversary Weekend.

It was fun. There was a great Luncheon with these really old players talking about how they almost burned down the playhouse and things, to which I brought GF. Really things weren’t all that different back then apparently. Then there was the closing night show, and the Players Party. I borrowed Quixote’s clippers during strike/cleanup and cut off the hair that’s been taking over my head. No more Hairwings!!! Just 1 inch of hair all about. I fudged it a bit on the very top cause I wanted a bit more bangs than 1 inch, but yesh. Then there was the party… which was fun too… and the Picnic which was funner… I think because of the Sunlight and the nice Park. It was really quite pleasant.

Then it was back to work… lots of school shit to catch up on: Two final animations, an exam, a Final Exam and a Partridge in a Pear Tree… Especially since I chose this time to enter a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign. I mean, that made it a lot to catch up on. Last Tuesday I slept over in the VAST lab after I rendered my project… I mean… it was 6am at that point… really no point in going home just to come back 4 hours later. Take out transit time and get an hour more sleep. Except that the 8am Class came in and the professor decided having a sleeping person in the classroom would be distupive so I had to go sleep in the hall. *Mutter Mutter.*

So then all that got taken care of, classes were over, and everything was lovely. The DnD Campaign ended with all our Characters Ascending to Demi-Godhood, which is cool because otherwise my charrie was dead, but she’s still utterly unplayable now. *Sigh.*

Right then… nothing else really to talk about… not that I want to put on the web where anyone can read it. *Higgles.*


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, i’m so sorry. I’ve danced this dance before, and it sucks. My folks found out when they walked in on me and my girlfriend four years ago…. talk about stuck in the house, i had another two years before i could flee to college. It sucked. I won’t lie.

    But it still wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be, and it might not for you either. Plus, remember that you *are* twenty, and if it gets too awful you can get out of the house.

    Also, if your girl’s parents know she’s had gfs before, i don’t think they blame you. And they probably don’t have any reason to tell your folks either. So take some deep breaths and call all your friends and get some support and love and remember, no matter how bad it gets, eventually they’ll get over it.


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