I’m having a good day. I have Potato Chips, and Sleepy Hollow on DVD, and I just got me a paid LJ *Nods.* So now I has more loffy places for moreloffy User Icons. I loff it with Ichabod faints. He sooooooo cute like that. *Higgles.* I’ve come to the conclusion that I like Johnny Depp best in Tim Burton Movies. *Nods.* He’s always quite clean looking then. I must hurry though and see Edward Scissorhands before Corpse Bride Comes out. *Nods.*

Had Sushi last night watching it (yes I’m watching it AGAIN within 24 hours, I loff it that much.) Which were yummay. I deserve it too cause yesh… I’m totaly buying Ed Wood with the Amazon Gift Certificate I’ve been saving since I did that usability test *Higgles.* Jeepers this entry has alot of tags. *Grins.* That’s because I’m jumping all over contextually *Nods.*

I have to go back thru my journal and get the rest of these tags in order. *Nods.* I used to use the memoried alot like this… so I’ll fix that.

Wheeeeeeeeeee… Oh look…. he’s fainted again. *Swoon.*


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  1. aliyna says:

    Witness the off topicness, here.

    LJ has added this ‘schools’ thing, now. So I noticed that you went to Shen. And you were born in ’84, which means we were at Shen at the same time (I’m from Clifton Park too, go figure.) And I remember a Marisa. Though, she may have had two S’s in her name…

    I’m not sure if you’re her. I knew her from Drama, but we were never really friends. We were in Annie together.

    Are you her? That would be so funny.

    And even if you’re not, you might remember me (i have this tendancy to remember people who never knew I existed, maybe it goes the other way, too.) My name is Alina Pinney. I was a chubby nerd, not popular in the SLIGHTEST, held back two years. I dropped out in February of 2000. I spent one year in Gowana, but I was in Koda/Shen West the rest of the time…

    I just wonder, is all.

    • admin says:

      Yep. That’s meeeeee. *Higgles.* I’m sorry I don’t recall you, *Shame* but I was in Shen East for High School and yeah… I wasn’t popular in the slightest either… the other orphans wouldn’t let me play with them *Higgles,* so I spent all my time with the Hovervilles. You probably aren’t familiar with the term, having been in West, but in East… people called the Biology Club “The Botony Lab Loosers” (Bio Club Met in the Botony Lab before school, tho it was fast becoming more of a menagerie than a plant house,) I was one of em. *Higgles.*


      • aliyna says:

        ::laughs:: That’s really funny- I was one of the Hooverville bums- the one who ladled the soup out to everyone. And, of course, being a bum I also doubled as a maid but I was a reaaaally nondescript maid.

        It’s so funny what we become, isn’t it? I’m having a hard time imagining little-tiny-Marisa-adorable-orphan-girl now a RPI computer geek who dresses androngenously. Bizarre! We grow up!

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