Yet another Pukifee Clothing Review!!!

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With some of my Christmas money, I made some orders for Pukifee clothing for Kenzie, and most of them are in now, so I thought I’d give props where they are due. As per ususal click over to my Flickr via the images above, for the greatest detail in reviewing.

First up is Etsy Crafter Latiyellow who clearly specializes in one size of doll, although she does appear to have some Littlefee/YoSD sized clothing and a suprising amount of PukiPuki clothes. From her I ordered a lovely little Yukata Kimono for Kenzie. I missed out on an earlier one that I absoloutly loved, but her works are pretty much one of a kind, so if she’s got one in you like, jump on it ASAP!!! The construction is great, the fit is great and she tossed in a little fleecy sleeveless dress that is also a wonderful construction and fit, and unlike many free gifts, is really appropriate to Kenzie’s character.

I picked up another two pair of jeans from DollB, whom I’ve reviewed before. They did not disappoint. I’m really pleased with them.

There was a disappointing shoe purchase from color4 in that the shoelaces were fused shut, making it impossible to get the shoes on my Pukifee without ruining the laces. I’ll need to replace the laces, but the shoes themselves are a good fit (without socks) and design.

Lastly we have a trio of adorable outfits from Naiko, on Etsy. All are well sewn, and fit well. They have adorable little unobtrusive tags sewn into them, and the pieces are all separate, allowing for great mix and match. Naiko makes some really cute socks with little bows on them too, which are just darling.


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