Sciffy are Stupid.

Sci Fi Channel put an add over the Subtitles on Return of the Mummy. Idiots. It’s not as if anyone knows what their saying. Ancient Egyptian is not exactly the most commonly spoken language round anyplace these days. But I’m to busy to get irritated with the TV. Been working on my Term Projects, and enjoying my haircut. Finally got all the hair off my head I had to keep for The Dinning Room. I was going to wait till the cast list came out for EOP but I’ve seen folks with scripts already, so I’m sure they’ve pretty much cast the show already… so I don’t have to get approval from another director who’ll probably try and make me grow it more. See… there’s a bright side to not getting cast. *Repeats that to self a few times.*

It’ll give me some time to get my stuff in order at the beginning of next semester too, so if I get into Titanic it won’t kill me at the end of my Senior Year. *Pumsy induced Grinnage.* So yeash… looking on the bright side of life… but I won’t be fore long if I don’t get back to my Term Project *Higgles.*



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