I just got the e-mail which says I’ve been cast in Titanic, as the Bellboy.

The best part of this of course is that it’s a trouser role, so to speak. (Yes I know that’s technically an opera term…) Since I’m playing a boy, I not only get to wear pants, but for the first time since I returned to theater last year, the director ISN’T MAKING ME GROW MY HAIR. *Bounces.* It’s funny as hell cause I showed up with my wig from The Dining Room on, figuring if I could fool them it was real and then reveal it was a wig, they’d be more inclined to cast me despite my short hair (it’s a period show afteral,) and possibly even let me wear the wig rather than grow my hair out. Of course that’s a moot point since I’m playing a boy. In retrospect this makes choosing a song from Peter Pan for auditions a very good choice. *Bounces more.*


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