Heretics to the Empire – Munchkinland

So when last we left our cadre of Heretics we were camping under a rock outcrop hiding from the invisible jerks that kept trying to gank us in our sleep… it seems they really believed about the river of crap and headed off there because they don’t bother us thru the night, and Eden and Cassie have a full out RP scene between the two of them, between sessions, which only leaves Cassie creeped out about the elvish psychopath in the party…

  • So they wake, and head off down the river for a while, just talking. Nothing much happens although they see orange in the distance, and as it resolves, it’s a fall forest. Near the forest, they see an old road, which pings on Eden’s “Detect Magic.
  • Strife: Is the road yellow?
    DM: Um… no?
    Strife: Good. If this was a yellow brick road, I was gonna be pissed.
    DM: No, but at the end of the road is a field of poppies, make a fort save.
  • Strife: Eden does her whole hunting thing.
    DM: Eden hunts holes…
  • So we see fires in the distance, and send Eden up ahead to investigate… invisibly.
    Strife: I look down to make sure I’m still invisible.
    Mayo: I think you can always see yourself.
    Strife: Not if you’re not LOOKING at yourself…
    Strife: Oh… right.
  • Ozzy: Everybody knows, you don’t split the party.
    Mayo: Except we always do.
    DM: And you know what happens when you split the party?
    Ozzy: What?
    DM: No one dies… you’ve only ever died when you were all together, which tells us what about working as a team?
    Party: DON’T!!!
  • So yes… Eden discovers that the camp up ahead is filled with humans and elves, allied under a banner of a setting sun and a dragon. So yes. We decide to camp for the night, because we need to change Cassie’s spells.
  • As  we hear bagpipes, far away coming down the road.
    Ozzy: *Cues YouTube video of man playing bagpipes in parking lot.*
    Eden heads off invisibly toward the sound, while the party tries to hide…
    Cassie and Grimm have a hard time hiding, but Silas keeps letting them know they’re not hiding very well.
    DM: Can you see me now? Can you see me now?
  • So Cassie casts clairvoyance to see the encampment and how they are reacting to the bagpipes. So… they’re sending a patrol, and Grimm has thrown a rock at the back of the Bard’s head, alerting him to their presence. Damnit.
  • So the Bard hides, but is super confused as to why they are “hiding like cowards” instead of blustering in there like proper adventurers. The patrols come closer, so they shush him and hide like hell, while trying to explain to him about the giant army of unknown loyalties that’s just sent patrols their way.
  • Silas and Cassie spot that some of the patrols are not on the road anymore, but Cassie unwisely remains standing behind the tree, only turning to put her back to it, untill Silas breaks hide just long enough to motion to her to get the hell down.
    Cassie gets a natural 20 on her new hide check now…
    DM: You duck down and find your tree has a hollow next to it where a second stump was once, but it’s rotted away.
    Ozzy: It’s called a tump. That’s the real botanical term.
    DM: You find a tump. Cassie’s in the tump.
  • So the guys find Grimm… they want to know what the hell he’s doing here.
    Bard: *Jumps out from hiding.* Whoa whoa whoa!!! We can all get along here!!!
    Human Patrol: Explain your presence here.
    So Grimm and the Bard try to convince  patrol that they are merely “Children of the World” rather than Imperial Citizens… It’s debatable if the Patrol bought it or not but the Bard thoroughly confuses him with tales of…. basically the prime material plane of normal DnD which of course he’s never heard of… it puts him off guard so he just brings them to a holding tent for the night.
  • DM: So the village people take them back to-
    Ozzy: They were kidnapped by the Village People?
    Strife: One in a hardhat, one is an Indian, one is a Police man…
  • So in the morning, the village has a ritual based on the morning sun… which can be heard by the PCs both in camp and out.
  • For breakfast, Grimm and the Bard get to have Oatmeal with Honey and Strawberry Lemonade, because apparently that’s what they have there.
  • So Cassie and Silas head into the town and answer the guard in Orcish, with invisible Eden being a dick in the background… however it seems that the old Elf in charge can see Invisible Eden messing around… what a Faux Pas!
  • The Elf informs them that they are not going to be able to leave the camp into
  • Cassie studies her tome, and Eden suggests that she may wish to cast tongues upon herself so that she can read her own book…
  • Why is Cassie in a book? Why am I in a book?
  • Soooo they sleep… and then it’s the next day, because nothing much was going on. In the morning, it seems someone knifed the bagpipes in the night (Eden) and so the Bard is forced to go in search of a person capable of repairing her bagpipes, with Grimm’s assistance.
  • Meanwhile Cassie does her morning prayers, and then asks Amunatuor if they are meant to take the artefact for his glory… which apparently they are, so today even Cassie heads out to search for the item.They go searching because Aumintor wants them too.
  • DM: Eden… your Elf senses tingle…
    We find a door, and still in earshot of the Bard’s singing about digging, well… we dig it out from underneath the rubble in record time… but there seems to be no way to get it open!!!
    Natural 20 on the search check? No doorknob.
    Speak friend and enter door? No.
    Dispel Magic? No.
  • So they head into the caves below… trying not to get the attention…
  • Heading back up, they collect Grimm and the bard, and head off for lunch…

And then… NickA, and his fiance have to go… so… we’ll pick up next time with that game. No one gets any XP because well… we spent the whole night getting into the city, and then didn’t go where the adventure is but to lunch instead. So after lunch, we’ll head out to the tower…

In the meantime, we wake Majere… because we’re not done DnDing… and we want to play Ravenloft!!!!


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