Ravenloft – Burgomaster of Oz

So yes… we pick up where we left off on Monday, and directly after our last session of “Heretics to the Empire” because damned if we’re gonna stop playing, but also damned if we’re going to go on without a player when they have to leave… so we woke Majere, who was napping thru Heretics, and it’s time to go see the Burgomaster the wonderful Burgomaster of Oz! (What… we were just on the Yellow Brick Road to Munchkin Land…)

  • Alric: That thing you did last night… Never do that again.
    Popcorn: Magic Missile?
    Alric: That. You already look different, and you can’t just go waving magic around.
  • So they head off to the Burgomaster’s house, and they try knocking… and it doesn’t work, and they try picking the locks, and it doesn’t work, so they try knocking again, and that doesn’t really work until Barriston knocks with his pommel.
  • Sidetrack: Apparently in Skyrim, fast travel is achieved with the aide of Giants… who have also been known to throw horses for great distances.
  • So we go talk to the Burgomaster about the unfortunate incident of the previous night, and he seems… less concerned about this than he should be. Although he does tell us all about how Dead Brian  came to be dead the first time, by being convicted of murdering a beggarman. He’s more concerned about getting back a missing harp, apparently taken by a servant.
  • Burgomaster: He left on a bad note… stole a harp.
    Alric: Heheheh.
    Burgomaster: You think that’s funny?
    Alric: No, I was appreciating the pun. Stole a harp and left on a bad note.
  • So the party agrees to to get the Burgomaster’s harp… but also we want to investigate the death of Dead Brian’s now dead neighbors… the Pockets.
  • So they sleep for the night… we heal. The DM updates Popcorn’s Kender Finger’s sheet.The Doctor wants to split if he doesn’t get some info soon on what happened to his daughter.
  • We go to the Pocket Family’s house where Alric finds a hidden door.
    DM: Because he’s an Elf.
    Q: Half Elf.
    Strife: So he find’s half a door, but that’s usually enough to find the rest of it.
  • So… we found… a boot. I mean there’s other stuff down there but nothing that seems relevant to the campaign… so… we decide to head after the harp, and head up to the road.
  • Barriston summons his Paladin Mount.
    Strife: This is my horse…. my horse is amazing.
    Mayo: Sweet Lemonade, Sweet Sweet Lemonade!
    Alric: I think I should buy a horse.
    Popcorn: Do they have riding dogs?
    Alric: WHAT?
    Popcorn: They’re much easier to train and look after than horses. Have you ever seen a horse Sit and Stay?
  • Barriston: Where’s the smith.
    Horseman: I have four good horses here.
    Barriston: The smith… where?
    Horseman: These two are riding horses…
    Barriston: WHERE’S THE SMITH?
    Horseman: This is a draft horse, very sturdy.
    Barriston: SMITH!!!!
    Strife: I’m going to kill this NPC.
    Horseman: This one, is a fine riding horse, you would like her.
    DM: Did you want to visit the smith?
    Strife: I’ve only been asking the horseman for directions for 5 minutes now!!!
  • Alric: The Kender can’t ride… so we only need three horses.
    Doctor: I can ride a horse.
    Alric: THREE. One. Two. Three….Ah. Ah. Ah.
  • Strife: Is my horse a real horse, or a celestial horse?
    DM: In 2.0… It’s a real horse.
    Q: It’s like you downloaded the summon horse mod for Oblivion.
    Mayo: Summon horse mod?
    Strife: I didn’t even know there was such a mod!!!
    Mayo: Who needs a summon horse mod? *Whistles Epona’s Song.* That’s how you call a horse.
  • Strife: Can I pick up my lance head from the Smith?
    DM: Yes, he’s made you a nice lance head, and even mounted it on a shaft.
    Q: So… Strife’s shaft has been tipped…
  • So Popcorn rides with the Doctor, who bores her endlessly with talk of herbs.
    Mayo: *Hands her Kender Fingers sheet to the DM.* Popcorn’s bored.
    DM: *Adds some of the Doctor’s items to the Kender Fingers list.*
  • Q: ….. spidermin.
    Strife: SpiderMIN?
    Ozzy: Is that like Picmin?
    Mayo: Damn you Olimar!!!
    Strife: You play Picmin?
    Mayo: No. I hate him in Smash Brothers!!!!
  • So we head out into the woods… and after a day’s travel, we camp. Marco takes the first watch… but wakes up Alric, who’s not horrified, and and then Barriston and Popcorn… who promptly fail their fear/horror checks. (Popcorn takes fear check instead of Horror because… Kender.)
  • Apparently we’re flaked by some scary baby noises that are scary as all shit… which start shrieking at us, inciting fear checks… which everyone passes… except Marco… and the doctor. Alric and Barriston restrain them before they can run away…
  • Eventually they camp again… and in the morning…. they find a child skull in a bag, which is damn creepy. Also everyone who failed their horror check earlier (so… everyone but Alric) has terrible nightmares that wake them repeatedly thru the night, leaving them completely exhausted… i.e. “fatigued.”

And since the players are also completely exchausted now… we’re calling it here before we set out again that morning. Gnight then!!!


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