Zoobilee Zoo….

Zoobilee Zoo!
Zoobilee Zoo!
Magic and wonder are waiting for you!
It’s as close as a dream,
And bright as the brightest blue!
Welcome to Zoobilee Zoo!!!
I have just spent 2 hours of the time I meant to spend working on the Spellbook for IRT…. tracking that down. I was LOOKING for a Midi or MP3 of the bloody song. *Shrigs.*

Let’s introduce the Zooble’s to you:
I’m Mayor Ben, I’m here to lend a helping hand,
I’m Bill ‘der Beaver I can build things on command,
There’s daring and adventure when Lookout comes to call,
And a kangaroo named Wazzat, who puts music to it all!!!
Ahhhhh, My name is Van Gogh just coloring fun,
And you can shout for Bravo once the show has begun,
Everyone spread the news there’ll be, so much to see and do,
Just see Talkatoo, When you’re in Zoobilee Zoo!!!

Zoobilee Zoo!
Zoobilee Zoo!
Magic and wonder are waiting for you!
So come on with us now,
And discover the wonder in you!
Welcome to Zoobilee Zoo!!!!!

It’s strange the things that make me so happy… the other day I found the Theme to Quantum Leap and I nearly passed out with glee.

I think I may watch some Babylon 5 later *Nods.* Cause I am in serios need of another hit of nostalgic glee… this inability to find the Zoobilee zoo themesong is absolloutly crushing my spirit. Then Maybe I’ll Read one of my nice, crisp, all mine and not ruined by other people Hardcover Harry Potter books… Play with my marbles and my dice… My Playdough… *Sighs contentedly.* I luv my toys and my blankie and my mommy. *Sucks thumb.*

And probably cleam my room… which I keep saying I’m going to do but I never do *Higgles.* I’m such a weirdo… I have a Lava Lamp… I may have to turn it on after I clean my room… yesh…

But first… I think I’ll have some popcorn and get back on the spellbook yesh… spellbook… cause I’m HELPING!!!

*Smiles like a small child ‘helping’ mom and toddles away.*


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