Mad World

We live in one hell of one effed up topsy turvey mad effed up world.

You may have noticed a sudden stop to the jovial role playing liveblogs, or the temporary closure of Mayoware, or perhaps nothing at all, but regardless, a large incident has occurred.

My dear friend Lew, who gave use of his well decorated home for Kenzie’s Halloween photo shoot, who has been at my side while I attended to the ER bedside of others, and who has always been an all around great person, has been the victim of a severe and needless violent crime.

This past Sunday, in the wee hours of the morning, a disturbed young man named Christopher Felt, who had presented himself for nearly a year as a friendly acquaintance and tenant to Lew, and loving boyfriend to Lew’s other tenant Samantha, set deliberate and efficient fire to Lew’s home in an apparent act of malice against both Lew, and his own girlfriend, burning the 200 year old home to charcoal, most likely with Lew’s three beloved cats still inside. The arsonist says he did not remove them, however a Cumberland Farms employee kicked in the front door to look for humans in the blaze, leaving a possible escape route. The police investigation considers them dead, but we hold a smidgen of hope for their escape.

This unconscionable act has many mutual friends and acquaintances, myself included, completely dumbfounded as to any logical explanation for this deranged arsonist’s stated motives, which were, according to police, to strand his girlfriend, who also lived in the house, out of state where she had been visiting family, and to spite Lew, because, as the police have stated “he really didn’t like him.” There is no possible justification for arson as a solution to wishing to dump one’s girlfriend or spite one’s landlord, particularly when said landlord has let you slide on 6 months worth of rent. That the world we live in contains not only one such person, but two others who did not have the presence of mind to decline involvement and report the impending crime to the authorities is beyond baffling.


Donations are being collected for Lew, and his uninvolved female tenant, Sam at the paypal address You can also help Sam by frequenting her Etsy Shop Sam’s Custom Chain. She had her kit with her at her relatives. It’s pretty much her only asset of any value, and selling jewelery will assist her in her financial recovery. If you want to be further involved there is a Facebook Group for the assistance of both.


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