Insult to Injury

Dear ABC News 10,

The story linked in “Mad World” has recently had a video attached to it which was not there at the time that I linked the story. While the text portions of this article are factual, the video takes grave and horrendous liberties with truth.

Christopher Felt was an occupant of the home. His accomplices were not.

There were two other residents of this home who were victims of Felt’s crime, who, due to your news story are now being harassed, branded as criminals, and may face retribution from the community due to your poor reporting.

Lewis and Samantha were the other two residents who are now suffering harassment and poor treatment when they are already traumatized.

You also reported that the “Missing” posters for the cats are a sick joke by the arsonist and his accomplices. This is also WRONG.

Lewis and myself have been postering the area in hopes of finding the cats, and have set up a feeding station in collaboration with Whiskers Animal Benevolent League, because although Felt says he did not release the cats prior to burning the home, we hold out hope that one or more escaped after the doors were busted in by the Cumberland Farms Employees who were looking for the residents, and wish to bring them home if they did.

Thanks to your video we were confronted last night by an angry neighbor spewing profanities and acting in a physically aggressive manner. I myself was in fear for my safety, and poor Lewis got into a shouting match with him on the lawn, since he could not bear to be accused of killing his own cats whom he loved. I woke up this morning still shaking with anger, and still really shook up over being accosted like that.


Because no one ever bothered to contact Lewis, you have gone and severely ruined the reputation of a VICTIM OF A CRIME, in the neighborhood where he should be receiving support from his neighbors to REBUILD, and to find his cats if they are still out there. Instead he’s being blackballed. His community is turning their backs on him, and all because you reported poorly. A small retraction will not do. The correction must be made far and wide, so that Lewis and Samantha can try and pick up the pieces and move onward without these slanderous accusations hanging over their heads.

– Marisa “Mayonnaise” Jane

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9 Responses to Insult to Injury

  1. oh stupidity says:

    You are truly an idiot..The news DOES NOT AMKE UP FACTS….Maybe your “friends” should have thought about doing something dumb before doing such things. Good luck getting your “correction”…

    • Note that I have not deleted your comment. The news does in fact make MISTAKES. CBS 6 and YNN have managed to report on this story without making the same errors as ABC 10 has.

      I WILL clarify, since I continue to use the psudonyms they have always been called by in this blog, that Lew and Sam are not listed by name anywhere in the video or article, because they have not been indicted, and are considered by the investigation to be innocent of any wrong doing. I make no defense for Chris, Rustin and Ali. I would see them prosecuted to the full extent for what they have done to Lew and Sam.

      However the video in question says that all three arsonists lived in the home. Rustin and Ali did not. Lew and Sam did. As a result Lew and Sam are being confused for Rustin and Ali by those trusting this video. They cannot identify themselves as occupants of the home without being presumed criminal, because of the wording used in the video, and this missidentification of Chris as the owner of Lew’s home.


  2. oh stupidity says:

    You can DELETE my comment all you want…All you are is a whiney little midget who cannot face that people make stupid mistakes…

    • You seem to have a problem with reading comprehension. I am trying to clear up a previous error of identity. Certainly someone made a really stupid choice: mistake is too kind, these arsonists did this deliberately. The problem is that this video causes people to mistake Lew and Sam (victims,) with Rustin and Ali (arsonists).


  3. oh stupidity says:

    Feel free to delete that one too:)

    • Nah. I prefer to leave your stupidity out here for the world to see. We’ve been contacted by ABC, and they are going to do a story on Lew and Sam and how they were victimized by this crime, to clear up the confusion.

      Have a nice day!!!


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