Spring Break: All the Crazies Come Out to Play…

Staying in Troy over spring break, cause I’d never get nothing done if I went home… and besides, I can visit whenever I want. Now, there’s alot of people gone from Troy right now… parking on Sage is great (watch, I’ve just jynxed that,) but it seems today, all the crazies have come out to play… and not in a good way either. They’re all driving deadly weapons.

Some wingnut in a great big gold mini van gets up behind me on 15th Street today, tailgates me down the road, and then, if you please, decides I’m not making my left hand turn fast enough, and starts honking at me from behind. Excuse me. There’s oncoming traffic and I’d rather not be t-boned by it. I’m late for work as it is.

Then on the Northway (that’s 87 to ya non-locals) some old junker weaves in and out of traffic, and then plops itself right in front of me, where there was really not enough space for another car, and decelerates. I’m just glad there was no one tailgating me or we’d have collided when I slowed to avoid crashing into the back end of the nutjob. If you’re going to weave in and out of traffic like a madman, at least have the decency not to cut in to a lane to the LEFT of you and hit your breaks.

Then, on 146 (in Clifton Park by then,) making a right into work… there’s a green arrow left in the oncomming traffic, and we have a red… so the guy in front of me sneaks in a right on red and I’m at the head of the line, but theirs a steady stream of cars comming from the green left arrow in the other direction… moron lady on a cell phone apparently doesn’t realize I’m making a right, and comes up on the right of me, cutting me off when I finaly get the chance to go. What on earth made her think it was a bright idea to try and pass me on the right when I’ve got my right hand turn signal on?

All the crazies in their cars. *Sighs.*


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7 Responses to Spring Break: All the Crazies Come Out to Play…

  1. Yay for surviving the morning? :\

    Hope the drive back’s a bit better.

  2. colossus716 says:

    Sounds like a normal day in CT…

  3. heyyy kid. it’s sam from the players. i don’t know how i got here, just wandering around lj, but uh HI!

    *smacks* why you cryin’?

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