Heretics to the Empire – Platform 9 and 3/4

I’m… very drunk tonight. I’m warning you of that right off the bat, because, it might make things make a little less sense. It’s not a party or anything… it’s just Dungeons and Drunkards and I got an early start because Ozzy’s class ran late and we had to wait for him… hehehe…

So. . . Chell and Sam are rolling in tonight, because, well they’re around a lot now, particularly Sam, what with her being crashed on Q’s couch, and all that. Also NA isn’t coming back… for reasons we’ll politely leave out, nor as should be obvious, is his fiance the Bard. It seems the Crusader will be an NPC for a while because the DM thinks it’s silly to make him just vanish, and we all agree, but the Bard is busy playing to the diggers and won’t be joining the party.

So… picking up where we left off….

  • The party picks up after lunch and heads down to the tall tower, but… it’s got no apparent entrance. Since they’re lazy, and they don’t feel like digging for another half a day, they head back to their basement entrance, and wander in there, decking out with candles as usual. They come to a door…. and a hall to the left, and decide to use the door.
  • Eden: Crusader, open the door…
    Silas: Open it with your indomitable will.
    The Crusader bounces off the door, and we all start hearing clacky strange noises… like… skeletons. he rears up to charge again.
    Cassie: Stop!!!! There’s something in there.
    Crusader: So don’t we want it open?
    Cassie: Yes, but more subtly.
  • DM: You hear a voice behind you.
    Mayo: You see an elf. He has green eyes.
    DM: No I have purple eyes…
    Chell: Actually I have red hair… and really really GREEN eyes.
    It’s Cirin, Half Elf Rogue, Level 14. Hi Chell!!!!
  • Cirin: You want door open?
    Silas: Also we appreciate sentences.
    So apparently Cirin can pick locks, though she won’t tell any of the PCs her name. She does so and lo and behold, skeletons. Also an evil bolt of green hits the crusader in the face while he’s picking himself up.
  • Skeleton Fight!!!! Not much to see here… can’t even see our way to wasting Cassie’s “Turn Undead.”
  • So…  the skeletons are all dead and we’re chilling, and then, while Silas is looking for more traps… he decides that a door in the room, isn’t there… there’s just a corridor. He walks thru it.
    Cirin: What the hell? *Knocks on the door.*
    Silas pokes her in the face thru the door he no longer perceives.
    Cirin: HEY!!!!
    Cassie: What’s going on over here?
    Cirin: He went thru the door! He says it’s not there!!!
    Cassie touches and percives the door.
    Cassie: Silas… what did you drink?
    Eden: Open the DOOR Silas.
  • Cirin checks the door for traps….
    DM: You see that that door is not trapped, but the one in your perifiar vision… the other door. that one has a magic rune over the keyhole. Don’t ask me how it works, you rolled a 34.
  • Soooo… they untrap the other door, open it, and after a quick peek inside, decide not to deal with that room, because… corpses. So back to the other door.
  • Eden manages to walk thru the not-a-door by passing her will save to see that it’s not there. Cirin gets really frustrated, while Eden taunts everyone by going back and forth thru the door.
    Cassie tries the platform 9 and 3/4 method…
    Cassie: There’s no door, there’s no door, there’s no door. *Runs.*
    And gets thru the door.
    Silas pulls Cirin thru the door….
    Strife: Grimm’s still out there isn’t he…
  • So… what we don’t know is we’re being followed by Sam’s Elven Scout, Level 14.
  • So yeah, Eden pulls Grimm thru the door, and now we’re all there, except our hidden tail, but since we don’t know she’s there… and then…

Game is called on account of everyone being pretty durned tired/drunk, and it’s time for people to hit the hay. Belive it or not the above took us about 3 hours. Although Chell and Sam were still building characters thru much of this, so that slowed things down… Sooooo… yeah. Here we are on the other side of a door, and that’s about all we managed.


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