I feel of Crap…

Last night was crap. First I was hot, then cold, then hot, then cold… all night, and it hurt to swallow.

I looked in my throat this morning with a mirror and a flashlight. My left tonsil is all bleedy and has tonsil bits (or Tonsilloliths as I’m told the technical term is,) stuck in it, that I can’t seem to dislodge with gargling or swallowing hard. So I made an appointment for the health center. (9:15 so I could finish watching the TV program I’d been watching.)

I’m thinking it was rather a waste of my time and the Doctors. She wasn’t very nice. Looked at my throat and told me my tonsils were both huge. I told her they were always huge, and she concluded I had “Chronical Inflamation of the Tonsils.” I told her no, they’re not always inflamed. They’re too big. They grew that way. When they’re inflamed, they’re even bigger. Like the left one. Note how it’s bigger than the right one.

She didn’t care to listen and prescribed me some antibiotics: “Just in case,” though the strep culture came back negative.

It seems to me this is not the way to treat something like this. I told her I was concerned about taking an antibiotic I might not need, and she got snippy and told me to go see my primary care doctor then. Now perhaps I did something wrong, questioning the doctor, but I’ve spent ALOT of time in doctors offices in my lifetime, and I have always felt it was important that I understand precicely why they do what they do to me. I don’t take a pill or allow them to put a needle in me, or my IV without I know precicely what they’re putting in me and why. I’m big on patient responsibility. It’s a patients job to know what’s been done to them in the past, and remember what works and what doesn’t and what’s been tried before and what works.

Perhaps the health center is used to students who just want a quick fix, a pill to make it all better and don’t question what’s going on, but they really should be willing to explain their desicions to the patient, rather than expect them to consume whatever pills prescribed without question.

I feel of crap.

I’m debating whether to fill the antibiotic prescription or try to make an apointment with my home doctor and go see her instead.

For now tho… I think I’ll take a nap.


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4 Responses to I feel of Crap…

  1. Well, if one tonsil is inflammed, ulcerated, and sore, that’s a pretty spot on indication of a bacterial infection. I’d get the prescription filled.

    • admin says:

      I’ll try. Neither the RPI doc or I are sure my insurance will take it. I may have to see Dr. Elmer anyhow just to get my insurance to cover the prescription (I haven’t got the RPI insurance.)


  2. I’m going to make you a bunch of chicken soup when I get back… and hope that it doesn’t catch on fire… :\

    Feel better soon!

  3. darkjedi521 says:

    It took the RPI Health Center one month and a call from DOSO before I managed to see a doc who didn’t tell me I just had a cold and they ran the tests needed to see I had mono.

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