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Ravenloft, once more. Ozzy is absent tonight, so Marco is… staring off into space… like a guy who isn’t there. Because he isn’t. The DM is sick and so am I, so immersion tonight isn’t going to really be happening, and Sam is sitting in because she’s crashing on Q and Majere’s couch, soooooo… yeah. We actually had a session in between this and the last one, back on the 16th… but it went kind of like this….

DM: So… last time, you come upon a Vistani camp…
Lew: It was arson…. give me another drink.
Sam: *Stares balefully.*
Mayo: Who… DOES that kind of thing?
Q: Screw it… lets just watch a movie.

So… we did… but tonight we’re actually going to play.

  • So we enter the Vistani camp… and a large group of small children are suddenly enamored with Popcorn. They drag her off to the center of the camp, tugging at her ears and her topknot. They go thru her stuff, which, being a Kender she doesn’t much mind, until they start ruining her magic components, and then she kind of wants THOSE back.
  • Meanwhile Barriston and Alaric explore the wagons, in search of some adults. Marco is still staring off into space. They find some, and a trained bear too…
    Strife: Is it wearing a vest and a fez?
    DM: No, him and his handler are walking-
    Mayo: Is it walking on it’s hind legs?
    DM: No. So he walks up to the other men… and starts talking to them…
    Mayo: The bear does?
    DM: No the MAN does. The Bear sits down, reaches behind him and pulls out a salmon and starts eating it.
    Mayo: Wait… wait… wait…
    Strife: It pulled a fish out of it’s butt?
    Mayo: Has he got hammerspace?
  • The kids let loose a Jackalope looking chinchilla of death thing, and then count to ten… it turns invisible… it’s footprints get bigger, and they chase after it, as if it were a game. One kid get’s wounded and is parylized, but after a minute laughs it off… Popcorn starts gathering her spell components.
  • So, Barriston and Alaric chat to the gypsies, who invite the party to stay for the night’s festivities, and sleep in one of the wagons. We accept.
  • So Barriston, Alaric and the Doctor head off to find Popcorn, but find some angry wolves instead. It seems Alaric can talk to them because he relays to Barriston that the wolves were sent by their master who has a problem with one of the party members because they “can’t come to term with their fears.”
  • DM: So the Gypsies all appear to be gone, but the bear is still there, eating it’s fish.
    Strife: His buttfish?
    Q: Heh… buttfish.
  • Barriston: Oh there you are Popcorn.
    Alaric: What are you doing?
    Popcorn: Just regathering my spell components. I was playing with the kids, but I don’t want to play this game.
    Barriston: What game?
    Popcorn: Paralysis bunny.
    Just then the footprints come toward them chased by the kids… they’re the size of elephant footprints now… but one of the kids slams a butterfly net down, and poof… there’s the little antlered chinchilla again.
  • So we all chill out and have some fruit, and then fall asleep for no reason, well except Alaric, but I don’t know what the DM told him while we were asleep.
  • When we wake…
    Alaric: Alright, Knight, you need to tell me what you did to piss someone off here….
    Apparently Barriston is the one who the wolves master has a problem with, but he can’t think of a time where he was out of Alaric’s presence for very long since arriving in Ravenloft.
  • Alaric: Well… they don’t want me dead.
    So he heads off out to the Vistani camp, to join the party, passing up a bag of money laying on the doorstep, cinched with a cord bearing a strange ring.
    As Popcorn and Barriston follow… and Popcorn picks up the bag and tosses it in her bag, because… Kender.
  • So they go down the party, and down at the party the Vistani are like chanting and stuff, and they join hands in a circle and start to sing…
    Mayo: Bahoo-dores, bahoo-dores-
    DM: No.
    So yes, they cause this blue myst to hang in the air, and everyone chills out within it getting sort of… high.
  • So… partying, dancing, enjoyment… Barriston’s having a good time with the ladies. Alaric is having fun at the fireside, and Popcorn goes to dance and revel with the children, since she’s got a low dex score and she can get away better with dancing bady with them.
  • One of the Vistani instructs Popcorn to gather her friends and go visit the fortuneteller who is now ready for them…
    DM: The fortune teller has her hair braided and piled on top of her head in a strange sculpture of a-
    Mayo: Bahoo-dores, bahoo-dores!!!
    DM: Yeah yeah yeah… you’re in Whoville.
    Mayo: WhoVistani!!!
  • Our Fortunes… well all of us went in the other room one at a time. I won’t bother writing mine since, I don’t know what anyone else got…
  • When our fortunes are told, the camp… disappears into the mist and Sunrise occurs. No one remembers sleeping but we all feel refreshed and then head on out toward the town that sent us to get the harp.
  • Back in town Burgomaster says come back tonight for your money, after dark. Alaric is not cool with that, so we agree to return in the morning shortly after dawn…
  • Tomorrow, the Burgomaster is dead, but his daughter gave us some cash… and magic full plate for Strife, because DM said he was going to get something special for her and Strife really wanted full plate.
  • So… the DM decides, for his own convenience, that Popcorn has a Scroll of Identification item, with unlimited charges that works…”sometimes.”
    Q: Scroll of plot identification!!!!
  • Of course forgetting we’re in public, Popcorn immediately tries to use it on the armor, until stopped by Alaric.
    Guards: What are you DOING?
    Popcorn: Uh… a blessing over this armor. We intend to sell it. It needs to be purged of any bad fate imparted to it by it’s previous owner.
    Charisma check? PASSED.
  • So… yeah, we identify the awesome magic armor in private, then head off to the smith to sell Barriston’s old armor, in order to pay off Alaric who’s insisting on getting his HALF of the money we were promised from the Burgomaster.
  • Then we go back to the inn… where we wait out the time skip till something more exciting happens…
    Strife: Isn’t there a movie like that?
    Q: It was called “Click.”
  • So some poor villager gets thrown thru the door of the inn, which is then barricaded, and we look outside and see only… mist.
    Barriston: Someone is in trouble out there! I must go help!!!
    Alaric: You still owe me 49,900 gold. You’re not going anywhere.
  • So the conclusion is made to stay indoors… but that doesn’t help because somehow Dead Brian came down the stairs… and then went thru a wall, and out the back door… for reasons unknown.
  • There’s a traumatized woman in the street, which Popcorn spots, carrying around a dismembered arm.
    Barriston: I must help her!!!
    Popcorn: She’s got a dead… ARM.
    Q: She has an arm in her hand. She’s well armed. She’s exercising her right to bear arms… I could go on….
  • So we go to visit Dead Brian’s wife, since we need to find out why he keeps rising from the dead.
    DM: She somehow acquired a house cat, and seems to be fond of it.
    Q: She’s the villain! They always have cats! They love them, and they hold them, and they stroke them while they think up evil things!
  • Widow: You found a boot? Strange. They were too poor to own shoes. Maybe you can compare the boot to find out who might have been involved in their death.
    Barriston: Unlikely… I doubt anyone is walking around town with ONE BOOT.
  • Strife: Before we go I want to seduce the widow.
    DM: Really?
    Strife: No… that would be awkward. Hey babe, I’d like to offer you the things that he… used to. If you know what I mean. You know when I go jousting I don’t need a Lance. I have my own.
    Q:Some even call it a Lord Sword.
    Majere (DM): ‘Cause it’s Legit.
  • They head off to the barracks… and find the guards all sleeping.
    DM: You’re not supposed to be here.
    Strife: Really?
    DM: You’re not sure what he said… something about an arrow to the knee.
  • Mayo: Wait… is this right? *She’s got her Kender Finger’s Sheet.*
    DM: Yes. *Laugh.*
    Mayo: Ok there’s no way this is in my BAG. This is in her arms, they’re going to notice this.
    Strife: Don’t tell me you have the CAT.
    Mayo: I have the cat.
    Alaric: Where did you get that?
    Popcorn: I found him!!!
    Barriston: YOU STOLE HER CAT?
    Popcorn: Huh?
    Alaric: SHHHHHH!!!!
    Barriston: We need to step outside.
    *They do.*
    Barriston: WHY DID YOU STEAL HER CAT?!?!?
    Popcorn: I didn’t!!! He was just… Do you think he wants to go home?
    Barriston: YES!!!
    So… they go to take the cat back. Popcorn gets a big hug from the old widow for “finding” her cat… and they head back. Meanwhile…
  • Guard: You’re not supposed to be here.
    Q: *Laughs.*
    Alaric lifts them by the colars of their shirts…
    Alaric: I need these court papers in order to stop a murderous creature from destroying your town. Nod yes if you understand. *Shakes them so they nod.*
  • So yes… Alaric gets the papers, just as Barriston and Popcorn return… and we’re not really sure where Marco is because… yeah….

And… game off. For it’s late, and we’re sick, and it’s time for sleepiness…. next time, we try and clear Dead Brian’s name and see if that will make him stop coming back and screwing things up.


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