Just for the Record…

I may have Tonsilitis… but no matter how sick I may get…

I will not watch soap operas.

I will watch childrens morning TV programing. I will watch Comedy Central. I will watch Reruns. I will Watch DVDs. I will read a book.

I will NOT watch the 700 Club.

I will watch Animal Planet. I will watch Discovery Channel or TLC. I will watch Nick-a-Fricking-lodian. (Well I would if I got it.)

I will not watch Dr. Phill.

I will watch my fricking walls before I watch this shit. Thank you.

In other news I’ve finally got my antibiotic, and I’ve been told I should feel some relief from it sometime in the next 48 hours.


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  1. androalphus says:

    Hobo sends you:

    The Ninjeasel;
    +4 Agility
    Restores 2HP
    Removes 2 Diseased Tonsils and sells for 8GP
    On Saving Throws 5+, Ignore all Damage

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