*Caugh – Caugh*

Just when you think it’s safe to shake hands again… *Jaws Music.*

The Late Season Cold Strikes.

I’ve been pretty much out of order since Monday evening, and to be perfectly honest have spent most of the past 72 hours sleeping, or attempting to sleep. It wasn’t so hard the first two nights but last night I was up all night caughing my brains out…


I had to go outside today to turn in my RW paper, and I went out there, and there’s no more ice…

Where the hell did winter go?

Well… I’ve had plenty of time these past few days to lay around and try and take my mind off the post nasal drip and stomach rublings, and the pain in the roof of my mouth from the lemon drops I’ve been sucking so I don’t vomit.

And so I’ve managed to do the following:

Catch up on my Strongbad E-mails, and Weeble and Bob cartoons.

I discovered Ozy and Millie, and read them all… from the begining. That Millie Cracks me up.

And oh, yeah, I drew up a comic.

And I’ll go have some soup and take a nap and try and get better FAST so I don’t have to caugh my way through my Midterm tomorow.


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