I <3 European Glass Beads

So… recently a made a Very Useful Treasury full of pillbox lockets, basically a wishlist for such things although my Amazon Wishlist is the real wishlist… and I got some of them for myself from Fire Mountain Gems, because… well not many people I know order wholesale. I got three chains, brass, copper and silver, and some mid-quality wholesale European Glass Beads, and two Lockets… well three but one of them turned out to be a totally dud. No room inside…. but they along with some spacers from Etsy, come together to make a really cute necklace, I think.

And what does this mean? Well while I’m squeeing around in my delightfull new necklace, I’m also going gaga for the even more delightfull hand made high quality Mureno Glass beads… I just keep browsing for them, and since I’m in no position to buy…. it’s TREASURY TIME again!!!

Each of these twelve STORES is absolutely awesome!!!!


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