Random Things…

Some moron in my building last night decided 1am was a good time to practice the electric guitar… I mean, clearly, from what I could hear… he (or she) NEEDS PRACTICE, but that’s not to the time to be doing it cause yeah… I need to be sleeping then.

My mom Taped OPRAH for me cause P!NK was on. Thanks mom!

I’ve left my chapstick and Swiss Army Knife Home by accident… and I feel their absence. Mostly because I need the chapstick now.

Fixed my resume to adjust for the fact that I’m going to be 4 Credits Short in May and therefore not getting a degree till August. Best Start sending those out again soon.

Speaking of Jobs… Some places you get laid off. At Thomson Delmar, you get R.I.F.ed. Either way… there’s no job for me here, since they’re in the middle of R.I.F.s.

I have MUSIC for my CAPSTONE. Which ish Teeeeee-Riffic.

I need to go to the ATM. I checked my wallet for a quarter earlier, and realized not only have I got no bills… I’ve got no coins. Not a single one. Not even a canadian penny.

Sorry I haven’t been commenting peoples Journals Lately. Been extreemlyoverbussy with Capstone, and Titanic… and have become addicted to reading the Wikipedia in what little spare time remains. My name is Marisa. And I am a Wikiholic.


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  1. When/where is your Capstone show?

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