Will To Power – A Hole in the World Like a Great Black Pit

So when Strife moved to the area, we started playing a homebrew diceless tabletop campaign with him, which we call “It got Worse” after the TV trope, which takes place in a huge and richly developed fantasy universe of her own creation called the Sokmet Universe. This is not that game. Because Strife is thinking of publishing the Sokmet setting, and mechanics, and because there’s really no frame of reference for readers to cling to (unlike with DnD, or WoT games) I’m not blogging it… I did for two sessions but they’re down now, and we’re running with this instead.

Tonight we’re starting a new game on the same mechanics, called Will to Power, which takes place in a world much like the one we live in. In an alternate 2012, where the war in the Middle East only continued escalating, and a world where some humans developed super powers (i.e. X-Men, or The Incredibles.)

The Setting:

3 years ago, one particular Super, with the ability to technomance, reacted to US use of Nukes in the Middle East, by nuking the US with the weapons of every other country he could get his hands on. The economy collapsed. Western Europe is fucked, especially the UK. The Queen is hiding in Canada. China, India and Russia are the great world powers. Australia, Japan and most of the east are protectorates of China, Russia has most of what was once the Soviet Union, India’s assimilated many of their smaller neighbors as protectorates, but not Israel. They nuked the hell out of their neighbors while the nukes were flying all over and are still standing alone.

The world is pretty much ruled by a UN anti nuclear task force… dedicated to stoping anything like this from happening ever again… or so folks think. That task force consists almost entirely of supers, and their main aim isn’t controlling nukes… it’s other supers they’re after.

The Party:

Alexander – Played by Q – From Russia. He’s got mind shielding, super reflexes, energy redirection, and can turn his skin to diamond also. (He’s got a 4th power because he play tested the system for Strife.)
Robin Finn – Played by ME!!! – College aged young woman from the UK. Telepathic Reader, Telepathic Writer and a Mentat to boot. (Read and Write on the Human brain are two different powers in this system.)
Nadia – Played by Sam – Young Woman from the US. She’s got wings, pyrokinetic power and technomancy.
Marcus – Played by Majere – From… we don’t know where. He’s a legit shapeshifter, can teleport, and a clairvoyant cliaraudiant.
We call him Hammer Guy – NPC – The leader of our group, he’s got super speed, super strength, and super reflexes… and a hammer. We don’t know him, but we don’t fuck with him.

Right then… so knowing all of this… here we go!!!
(This isn’t really liveblogged… I wrote it after when we decided I’d blog this one and backdated it to the night of play because… it seemed like a good idea.)

  • We start the game in a military camp, just a temp one, and we’re bugging out for our new location. It’s now that the PCs report where they were told, and meet one another, and their new CO, hammer guy.
  • Our mission: to capture a fellow in London who’s been creating a zombified population to do his bidding. We don’t know where he is… but his zombies are everywhere.
    Finn: London? I don’t want to go back to London!!!!
  • Apparently he has a pick up from… well we don’t really know who, on it’s way. Or not. He’s batshit crazy and claimed to have been called on the telephone, which, they don’t work in London… so… maybe not?
  • Marcus: I don’t suppose any of you are psycic.
    Finn: *Raises her hand.*
    Marcus: She’s useful!!!
    Finn: I should really hope we all are.
  • So, Alexander, Hammer Guy and Marcus secure the team a helicopter from the mundane military, who will give us pretty much anything we want, because we’re the UN and they’re the UN, and we totally outrank them, like special forces.
  • Marcus becomes a dog, while the rest of the team arms themselves with conventional weaponry. Finn and Nadia have shotguns,  Hammer Guy has… a hammer, and Alexander has a short range machine gun.
  • They take off over the city, in search of their evil super.
    Marcus: Ok… Finn, where is he.
    Finn: How should I know?
    Marcus: You’re psycic.
    Finn: There’s thousands of minds down there, and you expect me to locate one that I’ve never touched before? I’m a telepath, not a lowjack!!!!
    Marcus: I thought you could find him!!!
    Finn: Things which could have been discussed BEFORE we took off!!!
    Alexander: Ok, ok, we can work with this. He’s bound to be surrounded by his zombies. Can you find the greatest concentration of angry minds?
    Finn: That way.
  • So as they head in the direction where Finn says the most irrational angr minds are, they find they are approaching… the airport. It’s derilect because there’s no more airline fuel. The last plane out was 3 years ago.
  • Alexander: If I were controlling a bunch of zombies from an airport. I’d be in the control tower.
    Nadia: Agreed. Control Tower.
    Marcus: So… what all are everyone’s powers? We should know that before we take this guy on.
    Finn: More things which could have been discussed BEFORE we got on the hellicopter!!!
    Hammer Guy: *Facepalm.*
  • Hammer Guy: Here’s the gameplan. Finn, shut him down in the head, block him from controlling his zombies. Marcus and Alexander with me, extraction team. Nadia, go airborne for overlook support.
    Finn: I’ll need a line of sight.
    Hammer Guy: The pilot will get you one, after he drops us off on top.
    Marcus: *Becomes human.* I’m going to need a weapon.
    Finn: Take my shotgun, I won’t need it.
    He does, and gets a sidearm from the pilot…
  • So the extraction team rappels down a rope on to the roof of the control tower, and Nadia takes a swan dive out, using her wings only once low enough not to get shredded by the chopper blades.
  • Finn gets her line of sight and makes the zombie controller think he’s on fire… he drops to the floor trying to put out the flames, but the zombies go berzerk and start converging on his location.
  • The extraction team busts in the door, and realizes the chaos.
    Marcus: Finn! Make him think the Zombies will only make the fire worse!
    Alexander: She can’t hear you. You ditched your radio when you became a dog. *Uses own radio.* Finn, make him think the zombies will only make the fire worse.
    Finn makes the change, but it doesn’t stop the zombies, they’re clearly reacting to his fear, and not to any directions being sent by him.
  • Marcus grabs the guy around the middle, and teleports him on to the helicopter, where he renders him unconscious, while Finn starts sending the zombies instructions to sit on their hands… they do, in groups of five or less.
  • Meanwhile Hammer Guy and Alexander are left to fend for themselves in a room full of zombies, and Nadia reports more of them are on their way.
  • Marcus teleports back in to retrieve Hammer Guy and Alexander, and the chopper goes for altitude as Nadia re-embarks. Suddenly, ALL the zombies sit on their hands. Something is not right.
    Finn: That…. wasn’t me.
  • So the pilot takes off at top speed to get back to the main contingent, where they will be safe, and can secure the crazy dude… but just then a frigging airplane shows up.
    There are no airplanes in London. There are no airplanes in all of the UK.
  • So Marcus clarvoyants up to the airplane, and reports back that it’s full of Asian folk in suits, who don’t seem particularly concerned.
    Finn: So…. I guess his ride is here.
    Alexander: They must be a plane of telepaths. If they’re working together they could control all the zombies at once, like just happened.
  • Aaaaaand suddenly the helicopter isn’t working so well anymore. Nadia does her best to keep the thing afloat, as the rest of the crew realizes that suddenly we’re taking fire from friendlies.
  • A quick telepathic scan of the ground forces reveals a very strange phenomena. Although no clear information can be gleaned, there are more minds than bodies in the ranks.
  • Nadia: Someone is deliberately messing with the helicopter, and they’re stronger than me.
    Alexander: Ok, so at least half of them are technomancers.
    Nadia: I can’t hold it together much longer! We’re going to have to land!!
    Hammer Guy: We’re going to have to make for our line on foot. Prepare.
  • So the helicopter lands, and they make a run for their own side, but they can’t seem to find any actual friendlies, as all of the supposed UN forces are acting strange and have too many minds.
  • The team determines that they are quote “screwed” and look for any possible way out… which turns out to be Marcus’s teleportation.
  • Marcus: I can take us back to the camp.
    Alexander: The camp isn’t there anymore. Can you get us to Geneva?
    Marcus: I’ve never BEEN to Geneva. I could try, but we could get telefragged.
    Alexander: Well where CAN you get us?
    Marcus: Training facility?
  • So they all teleprt to the training facility… in Russia.
  • About now Majere has to go to bed, since he’s got work early in the morning, so he and Hammer guy are separated from the rest of us, as we’re all sent off into Quarantine to ensure we weren’t infected by whatever mind control thing was making our own people fire on us.
  • Nadia: Where’s the Dog Guy?
    Finn: His name is Marcus.
    Nadia: Well where is he?
    Finn: Bet he was a sleeper agent.
    Alexander: For who? Who would he be a sleeper agent FOR?
    Finn: Those guys who tried to mess us up?
    Alexander: More likely he’s in a more secure quarantine since he can teleport.
  • Many days… or weeks later, after a timeskip, the team are reunited, in a lower level quarantine. Most of them are pleased to be out of their rooms, but Finn is still chafing for the internet, which Nadia gets her…
  • And then they take away all the tech since Nadia can’t be trusted not to technomance it. Finn spends most of the next few weeks listlessly staring at the phonograph in the library, until they earn back their tech and eventually get out of Quaranteen.
  • Still no sign of Marcus… but then Majere’s in bed so… that’s to be expected.
  • While they’re chilling at the Russian training center, our PCs are assigned to teach classes in their powers to folks with similar powers, to get the new recruits up to speed. It’s a pretty comfortable life, and they don’t hang our much together because they aren’t forced too… until one day…
  • There’s all kinds of fuss around the base, the soldiers are getting deployed, the perimeter is being reenforced and no one will tell anyone in the party what’s going on, except that they should stay out of their way, and be good little supers.
    Finn: I’ll be in my bunk.
  • No sooner do they get out of they way when they are interrupted by a call to a briefing.
  • It seems the enemy has taken all of China. They are a mind-hive of some sort and they are looking to spread. The supers are held after and told that their mission has not changed, they need to gather up other supers, only now it’s even more important because if they don’t get to them, the enemy will.
  • The team is deployed in an airliner for the US, where they land in a field outside of a town which for reasons unknown still has power, even though the US is a desolate wasteland where even the most advanced surviving town seems to be.
  • Hammer Guy: Alright which of you braught night vision goggles?
    Nadia: None of us?
    Alexander: We weren’t told we were being deployed for a night mission…
    Finn: Things which could have been discussed BEFORE we left Russia!!!
  • So they set down outside the town, and the “Diplomat” sent with them and their infiltration expert, set up. Finn is lent a pair of night vision goggles so she can cover the diplomat as she goes into town, since… well it turns out she’s the only one of the supers with extensive firearms training.
  • As it turns out however this is not necessary, as the individual they are after turns out to be non-combatant and is more than slightly approachable. Unfortunately he’s also not willing to go anywhere because his technomancy is what’s keeping the town alive.
  • The party does their best to impress on him that Borg China is on their way, and they won’t give him a choice, and they ARE going to fuck this place up one way or another. He agrees to go, only if we can evac his civilians.
  • So the decision is made, since he’s on the Gulf, to see if we can get them to Cuba, so we all pile back into the plane and head off to Cuba, to talk with the folks there about taking on some American refugees. They’re not keen on the idea, because they would prefer about three months notice.
  • We use the story that some rebels are going to fuck up the town so we need to evac the townsfolk so we can destroy a nuclear missile in the vicinity, before the American rebels got their hands on it. (There’s no Nuke. We’re totally lying.)
  • So the Cubans agree to take the refugees, and we hop on the plane and head back to the mainland to get the civilians loaded up and then we…

Call it for the night, great first session… I think we’re all looking forward to playing more Will to Power. I know I sure am. The system is pretty easy to play. I don’t know about how it is to run… I guess we’ll all have to wait till Strife publishes the mechanics to know that one.


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