The 5 Stages of the All Nighter…

You’ve heard of the 5 Stages of Grief… now… the Five Stages of the All Nighter:

Denial: This is the portion of the day you spend trying to get the work done so you can sleep at night.

Anger: When the all nighter becomes inevitable, you make damn sure everyone knows you have to pull one, and you’re not pleased.

Bargaining: This is that part of the night where you think you might get it done in time to catch 2 hours…

Depression: Or maybe you could lay down for just 20 minutes… yeah right.

Acceptance: You realize there will be NO SLEEP, and crack another can of Carbonated Caffeine, and buckle down. The most work will be done during this stage… unless you succumbed to the temptation to sleep in the previous stage of the all nighter, and there IS no all nighter, cause you sure as hell didn’t wake after 20 minutes.

I think I’ve just reached Acceptance.


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  1. eofs says:

    I wish I couldn’t identify with all 5 stages. Best of luck with yours!

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