Cat Trapping – Week 3

A rather uneventful week of cat trapping, nothing of much substance happened, although we did get an offer for an infrared game camera which will allow us to have some nice pictures of Ra on his visits, and maybe allow us to see how the little bugger is getting away with the bait without tripping the trap and getting caught.

Day 15: The little wisenheimer stole the corn beef thru the side of the trap. We tripped it and went home to rest. Will resume our 4 hour trapping trips for a little while before trying anymore 24 hour runs. Tired and sleepy.

Night 16: Sam and Lew went to the trap without me, and baited it with some more corned beef, since he took it all last time.

Night 17: We arrived to find, he took all the corned beef again. Trap reset with wet food since Lew lost the corned beef when he had it last night, goddamnit.

Night 18: He hasn’t touched the wet food. Apparently it’s he’s not interested in anything but corned beef anymore.

Day 19: Got a phone call from Lew’s Stepdad out at the house, that we caught a cat. Phone pictures, unfortunately, revealed that it wasn’t Ra. We’re using the wrong bait it seems, so we went back to corned beef, which we’ve actually found again.

Night 20: He ate half the corned beef, but he’s not in the cage. Little bugger.

Night 21: All the corned beef is gone now. Well shit. Better luck next week?


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