Cat Trapping – Week 4

Another week of cat trapping over, but not without some fruits for our labors!!! Partway thru the week we got ourselves some nice pictures!!! 

Night 22: So…. we didn’t expect him in the trap, since it wasn’t loaded, so it was a quick trip. Lost the Corned Beef, so we were back to wet food for a bit.

Night 23: Still no Ra. Need to find the corned beef.

Day 24: No Ra. Got a speeding ticket and then ran out of gas on the way home. Happy April Fools day. *Mutters.*

Day 25: PHOTOS!!! Thanks to a homeowner friend of mine, and his game camera, which he usually uses to photograph deer, we’ve got confirmed shots of Ra visiting the feeding station.

Night 26: No Ra. Camera photos reveal visits from the neighborhood ginger tabby, and the grey who got trapped once already (you’d think he’d know better) but no good shots of Ra tonight. Maybe the other cats deterred him for a night.

Night 27: No one on the camera but a mouse. Little monster stole the corned beef.

Night 28: Forgot the laptop. No cat, no pictures. No surprise. *Sigh.


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