Cat Trapping – Week 5

So, our little escapade has come to a halt for a while… while we work on securing the second trap. The first one is now in use by another set of cat trappers, also working on getting Ra.

Night 29: Stopped by with DB_Ranger after a friend’s wedding, and before their after party. No cat, no food. Don’t know who stoled it tho. Didn’t bring my laptop to the wedding

Night 31: Forgot the keys. Climbed in thru the window because there was a cat in a trap. It was the grey again. Stupid cat. I’m bruised from this… not good. I’m not sure if we should keep letting him out. He’s kind of gnarled. Maybe he needs a new home.

Night 32: Still no cat. It was at this point we realized I never had to break in the night before anyhow, because the key wasn’t on Lew’s keys… it was on mine from when I checked after the wedding.

Night 33: Whelp… that was the end for us, for a while. We turned the trap over to a neighbor of Lew’s who has been seeing Ra in her back yard. She’s going to trap herself for a while… so no more updates for a bit… we’ll resume when we get the second trap.


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