Rocking Apples!!!

This job kicks apples.

I’m working insane amounts of overtime, because they’ll give it to me, and the pay isn’t exactly great, but hey, I’m working again, and the work is actually super fulfilling.

I’ve always been a repository of useless information, parroting it back on cue, or without one, so it’s natural I should find a job where someone stuffs my head full of information that I’m expected to regurgitate as requested to be simple and enjoyable.

I mean of course there’s assholes on the phone, and there always will be, but I’m not particularly bothered by them since they’re way far away, and my supervisors will back me up as long as I stay on script and remain polite. After all… ALL calls are recorded so they can always go back and listen and hear that I did what I was supposed to do and it was the caller who was the jerk of the century and I’m just fine thank you very much.

I just love rolling in each morning, popping on my headset and getting ready to rock the queue, watching my call count slowly rise setting speed goals and trying to meet them. I’m still not doing spectacularly on call quality. All it takes is 3 errors in a two week time (with my speed) to knock you down from the top level to the next tier down on quality… and only another two from there to the next one down, and that’s if you’re at my speed, since it’s percentage based you can make even fewer errors when you’re going slower. Errors can be really little annoying things too.. like misspelling Poughkeepsie while entering someone’s new address into the system… or forgetting to put it in your call notes that you updated their zip code because it had two transposed digits.

Still, when I get on the non-temp payscale, the speed and quality I’m producing currently should get me a pretty good per-call rate. I’m really looking forward to the ability to give myself a “raise” with my own performance improvement.


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