Movin on Up

So, after two months on the phones, I’m going to be leaving them behind.

I was anxious about this at first, majorly anxious, the possibility of my moving was floated a little over a week ago, and just the other day I spent a day shadowing the IT guy so he could feel me out and I could get my toes in the water and see if it was something I was going to want to do.

So when the question was put to me today,  I decided to take the management up on an offer to go train in the IT department to replace the IT fellow who’s going to be gone in a few short weeks. I’ll be following him for that time, learning everything he does and how to do it myself when he’s gone. I’ll have one co-worker, an Indian lady who works from home two days a week… and that’s it. We’re running a skeleton crew at the moment, as there’s been a recent bout of turnover, which took the department supervisor just recently. I’m told we’ll get a new one soon.

It’s a possibly temporary stint, they want me to do it on phone trainee pay for the first 45 days, as a temp still, and then after that if I do well I can be hired on as a real company employee and we’ll discuss IT related pay at that time, but still it’s a thing to do, and I’m eager to see if I can do it. I would love to get back into the computer world. It’s not Flash Development, but we all know that Apple’s not going to let up till they completely kill that one… soooooooo the move to IT seems prudent unless I want to spend the rest of my life in telephone customer service.

Funny how things happen isn’t it? Not an opportunity I anticipated when I took this job.

I am most pleased.


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