Graduation! And 3 Months Loffly…

So I had my graduation ceremony today… first I couldn’t find the humanities section to line up… alot of us couldn’t. We all ran around yelling “WHERE IS THE HUMANITIES!!!” Then it got borring, we got rained on… the guy next to me was the first person to yell BINGO at buzzword bingo, got my empty folder with the paper that says “Psche! See the Registrar!!!” Cause of course I’m still 4 credits short… then they didn’t even sing All We’ve Learned at Rensselaer which is totally the best part of RPI graduations. Then Macarino Grill for food, then home for many cards and cute cousins all over…(There’s just two of them… but they were EVERYPLACE.)

Also, and quite equaly important, is that today is exactly 3 months since a Jake and my first date. (Is that grammatically correct?) Happy 3 Months Dearie… sorry it got overshadowwed by my graduation. Thanks for coming and sitting in the rain, sick and all. Aishiteru!


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4 Responses to Graduation! And 3 Months Loffly…

  1. spiffstress says:

    I agree that it sucks that they cut “All We’ve Learned at Rensselaer”.

  2. congrats on graduating! <3

  3. Aishiteru! 😀

    It’s been a great 3 months.

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