I Want to Craft

No really, I do. I keep thinking of things I want to make and I can’t ever find time to make, never mind the few remaining orders that I have to get out for MayoWare. I’ve got woven earrings I want to make, new drops, beads for some awesome new full cuffs, a few custom requests that I can’t wait to dig into, a bunch of new beads I don’t even know what I want to do with yet, and all the fixings to start making BJD hair accessories as well… headbands, magnetic hair bows, and traditional clip barrettes… and no damn time to do it!

I keep trying to set aside Wednesday night for crafting, and I keep winding up doing something else, like dinner with my parents, or going to bed early or helping someone move. It’s getting kind of frustrating.

Not only that, I’ve got the materials I need to make my bedroom curtains, and I’ve had them since shortly after last Christmas… and I still haven’t made the damned curtains yet either, and I really should before winter because they’re going to insulate my windows so the bedroom doesn’t get so cold in the winter… of course they also had white liner to keep the room COOL in summer but clearly we’re well past that at this point.

When the hell can I craft again?


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