This here little Sysadmin ia s NOOB.

So far I’ve exploded printer toner all over myself, managed to cause an entire run of mass mailings to come out misprinted, which of course when I was asked to explain the problem had to chalk it up to user error on my OWN part, and today I spent the greater part of the day swapping out hardware in the wrong tower, since I let a user with two towers deliver one for repair, and didn’t find out till he called up later complaining that the computer he still HAD wasn’t working, because he gave me the wrong tower and was trying to use the keyboard and screen for the one he no longer had.

I keep thinking that the users know everything I know, since I’m a nooblet at this, but I’m learning over time, that the average person does not actually give two shits what is going on inside the computer, or what it’s full breadth of functionality are, they just want it to do the one specific thing they need for their job function.

For some people that means it’s nothing but an Excel and Email machine…

I really am going to need to learn to be more careful about how I do things, not just with the users though, after all when you have to tell the higher ups that the user error was committed by IT… well that’s not a good day.

Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair…. and sometimes it’s me.


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