That’s a Monkey Wrench…

I was gonna mention this last night… but then it occurred to me I should wait and see first whether or not I’d killed V. *Higgles.*

Allow me to brag a little bit because I’ve quite recently done something that most people, my parents included, have no idea I can do. It’s nothing big… if a man told you he could do this, you’d probably answer “Yes… and?” I’d never actually done it before yesterday, but when the situation arose I knew, I knew how to do it, so I took charge in an interesting situation… and when codev2k got a flat. I changed her tire.

I had to check her users manual to see where to put the jack (I didn’t want to risk cracking something non-structural) and admittedly I did waste between 5 and 10 minutes in the rain twisting the fake lug nuts on her hubcaps and wondering why the hell they twisted so easily but wouldn’t come off.

“Dude V… these lug nuts are really loose…”

“Maybe if you use pliers?” *V has little plastic bag with cute small chrome tools.*

“Pliers won’t help.”

“Well what about this nut thing?”

“That’s a Monkey Wrench.”

. . . 5 minutes later . . .

“These are so loose… they should be off… what the hell, gimme the monkey wrench…. No… that doesn’t help. It was worth a try… this is ridiculous…”

But then eventual this theory that the hubcap might be the snap on sort… and just gave a little tug near the rim and it popped right off, and underneath the nice grey-matte looking fake lug nuts were the grimy shiny greasy REAL lug nuts holding the wheel on. After that I’m proud to say I didn’t make any more stupid idiot mistakes. There was some question of which side of the donuts was meant to be out… and I had to use the old perpendicular tire iron and foot trick to dislodge the lug nuts, and tighten them back on once the donuts was on… made me a little nervous that I might not have had enough weight to tighten them on there but she made it to Sears in one piece, so I feel better now.

It’s ridiculous how accomplished I feel… like the time I helped Ryan (not players Ryan, but chemistry lab partner Ryan) put together his loft Freshman Year and had my end together before he could figure out how to operate a U-Bolt (and then he dropped the bed frame on me while we were putting it in… which is a whole other story.)

It’s proof positive that while I’m petrified I’m going to kill myself with power tools, if it can be done with a hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench or now a tire iron… I can get it done.


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