Welcome to the Fishbowl…

Welcome to the Fishbowl! We got fun and games! *Ahems.*

Yes… I’m calling our apartment “The fishbowl” but don’t worry Mike (Haven Mike,) I’m not naming the place. It’s only a temporary moniker by which to refer what is primarily known as “the apartment” because we have absoluty no window coverings, and thus… it’s like living in a fishbowl.

With less water… a lot less water, seeing as how our hot water smells of sulfur so we try not to use it. I had a loffly cold submarine shower this morning. When I left this morning the maintenance folks were in the closet downstairs with the water heaters, working on that issue.

Feeling a little groggy today and I’m not really sure why… I went to bed earlier than I usually do last night, owing to total lack of Cable TV or Internet… and Rachel was going to bed so I hit the hay too. When we have TV I’ll likely stay up later watching things. But as of now we don’t so I don’t. I was going to build the apartment in Sims2 and move in SimMarisa and SimRachel… but then I remembered that I still have to finish playing SimRachel thru University. I must really get on that. Mefff. Finaly paid for my paid account again… it was overdue so I didn’t have paid for a few days. But it’s back now… yey. Right… running out of lunch… check back tomorow!!! Bye now!


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