Lightswitch Roulette….

Yey! We have hot water that doesn’t stink to high heavens! And they fixed the wobbly shelf in the kitchen which is nice. *Nids.*

I had to stay late at work last night so we didn’t get the windows measured for curtains, but we will tonight. Last night however we DID play light switch roulette… which is where you take a light and plug it into a socket you THINK might be the one attached to the light-switch and then have your roomate flip the switch. In this way we successfully located one outlet in each bedroom which the light switch in that room activates, and one in the living room activated by both a switch between the bedroom doors and one in the kitchen. Also Rachel unpacked the TV antennae that goes with the 12 inch TV in her room, and I hijacked it for the 20 incher in the living-room… she’s agreed it can live there till we get cable, so now we get NBC and ABC… CBS comes in terrible, and Fox not at all… but there’s nothing worth watching on Fox anymore anyhow.

I find I don’t miss the internet at home as much as I though I would, and definitely not as much as I miss cable TV. Most of the time I talk to people I know in real life, in person, and I can always call them on the phone, and of the people I talk to only on the internet, those I talk to most frequently really don’t want to talk to me anymore anyhow. I miss them, but having the internet again wouldn’t let me talk to them if they don’t want me to. I don’t feel right posting at IRT while I’m on the outs with them, so really all I do on the web anymore is read webcomics and use Livejournal, which I can do on lunch.

Mostly when I think I’d like to use the web at home, I want to Google something, or look it up in the Wikipedia. I’d add looking up TVlistings to that, but we have no cable, and it doesn’t take long to check two channels. Also last night I wanted to LJ about the water and lightswitches, but I just did that. Right then… back to work.


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