Lime away, actually works like they say it does… I mean I wasn’t expecting it when I borrowed the bottle from my mother to try and do something about the crusty white build up around the bathroom faucet… but wow.

Oh, and we lost water pressure in the kitchen again. I think it’s not just the aerator, cause an aerator shouldn’t go to crap so fast. At least we don’t live in a fishbowl anymore… my father came by on Sunday and helped install curtain rods in the bedrooms. We’ll get the ones up in the living room next weekend, hopefully after we find a traverse rod for that size window.

Also there’s nothing good on TV on Monday nights if. I mean it. Nothing. Well… by TV I of course mean ABC, and NBC, since that’s all we get right now. We need cable… and I need web at home… my wiki-addiction is getting to me, among other things. I just don’t want to loose out on webly freindships because I haven’t been on enough lately.

On a side note: “Airplane!” (which I watched on DVD because there was nothing good on TV) is twice as funny when there are screwdrivers before. The beverage… not the tool.


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