Mega Meff….

As you may have noticed, I didn’t get on the web this weekend as expected. Teh Cabel guy came… but the line running into our apartment is somehow busted… having crawled up into the attic in search of the trouble, my bet is on squirrels. I found an electric wire with the coating chewed off on one side… but the maintenance fellow that came by said it was a dead line. He taped it up anyhow just to be safe. Anyhow, now we get internet when someone runs us a new cable line… so… not sure when that’s going to be. Could be quick, the maintenance folks have dealt with every other problem we’ve had the next weekday, but could be longer… none of those problems involved crawling around in the attic.

Also I ate raw chicken for dinner last night, by accident, by not frying the chicken all the way thru… and Dracula’s auspicious lack of set is making me nervous… Sound is the only tech really working, since the lights need re-focusing, and we don’t get costumes and blood effects till tonight and open on Thursday. That and another thing I’ll not go into, are making me a nervous person, and I’m not sure if my stomach flutters are nerves or chicken related… tho I’m guessing nerves since I’m told the actual chances I’ve contracted salmonela are slim. Meff.


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  1. colossus716 says:

    Something like 99% of salmonella contamination is SURFACE contamination, and usually with improperly stored chicken.

    There are a lot of what if’s, and if it were me, I’d me more worried from not washing my hands.

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