Seref Games Site Launch!!!

So, after a while in the works, it looks like me and Strife are finaly going to be getting our butts together to make her homebrew system from the”It Got Worse” campagn a published reality. We’re gonna make a fantasy game with it first because, that’s kind of a staple, rather than going with the superhero theme right out of the gate, but it’s still gonna be hella fun I think.

It’s probably going to get in the way of my shop for a little while, as if Jake’s webseries wasn’t already getting in the way of that… I think it’s going to be a while before I get that back in order properly which is a bummer, but I’m committed to the Seref project now so… wheeeeeeeee…..

Anyhow, you can follow our journey on this bizzare little adventure as game developers and a start up company here on:


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