MayoWare Going on Vacation

Ok, well between Seref Games and Database Ranger’s Power Reviews, and the hell that is my day job at Xerox, I’m falling way behind on my orders again, so I’m putting the shop on Vacation again. I’m still gonna get everyone’s orders out ASAP that already ordered but there’s just no way I can keep taking orders while I’m up to my eyeballs in unfinished ones.

I think what’s gonna happen with this is that I’m going to stay closed after I get the orders in order… yes… ok after I get the orders in order I’m going to stay closed for a while longer and build up an ‘off the shelf’ inventory so I’m not making everything to order. That should reduce my workload when I reopen and allow me to keep up with orders better. So yeah, I probably won’t be back open in time for the 2013 Holiday season, which sucks, but I don’t want to dissapoint people at the Holidays, that woule be the pits.

So watch this space, I’ll blog again to let you know when the shop reopens! Or you can use the provided link on Etsy to get a notification when the shop re-opens.

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