Internet has Arrived!!!

Well… at long last, I have internet in my appartment. Teh Cable Guy installed the cable modem right under the TV using my laptop and an ethernet cable to test it, and after he left, I put in my own wireless router and stuff cause it’s silly to rent theirs when I can damn well take care of my own router. Right, so it’s set up and it works and it makes me kinda happy. I’m also a bit sad cause normaly this would mean I was jumping back into ERT, but I’m not, cause that’s kinda like playing in somone’s back yard when they’ve kicked you out of their house. It’s weird and shows no respect at all for the fact that they’re mad and want you out of their hair.

I’ve got Dracula to keep me bussy tho… which is cool… and also kind of cold. I don’t know what I was thinking about agreeing to jump in at the last minute and help out with what is essentialy an outdoor production in October. It’s going alright, but it’s certainly not doing much to dispell my general feelings that this sort of role is really not for me. I don’t do the sexy thing… at all.

The Last Five Years over at RPI was quite nifty, I wish I could see Improvcapalla but I’m bussy of course being a vampire vixen. Anyone who happens to decide they want to come see me make an arse out of myself in a skimpy-due-to-shredding dress and a wig that makes me look like a member of KISS, should be forwarned to dress very warmly.


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