Standing by Your Freinds

Please note the globe.

Please note the globe. This was a public vaguepost. It’s way uncool to screencap anything that’s not publicly posted and make it public. This was laid out in public after I was unfriended, and clearly meant as a means of ‘taking the high ground.’

One of the most common things for people to do when they have a disagreement these days, is to vaugepost about it on Facebook in a show of moral superiority. The problem with this, is the vauge part. You can stand up and say “I took this stance and lost a friend over it,” and possibly have people tell you that your stance was actually pretty crappy, or you can say “Some moral causes are more important than friendships,” and just rack up the likes from friends who already like you and thus fill in for themselves something very worthy.

Now, normally when someone unfreinds me and pulls that shit, it’s something I let slide. I don’t have time for that. But in the case of Ms. Amanda here, I’m going to have to speak up, because in this case the person taking the moral high ground is doing so to defend their continued friendship with a person who has literally destroyed another person’s life, for no good reason, our un-cencored commenter: Ms. Ally Leavenworth.

Momentarily I would like to direct you back to a previos post from 2012 entitled “Mad World” and the rest of the “Lew’s Fire” category, in which I wrote about the fact that a pretty shitty young man named Christopher Felt, along with co-defendants Rustin Atchinson, and the aforementioned Ally Leavenworth, had been indicted on charges that they conspired, to burn my friend’s house to the ground. It was nothing but a basement full of ash by the time they were done with it, two cats turned out dead, and the third despite months of trying was never recaptured. Christopher bragged about it to a mutual acquaintance who I have no reason to disbelieve, and his accomplices have apparently attempted to explain their involvement to rather than deny them, on the grounds that they weren’t going to be able to stop him anyway or some shit like that, but the point is that these three are still tooling around on bail after being arraigned for this crime three years ago, and while the trials are still pending, I have zero personal doubt of their guilt.

As such, yes, there ARE consequences for standing by your friends, but that’s not always the moral high road, because sometimes your friends turn out to be abusers, racists, misogynists,  KKK members, rapists, murderers, anti-semites, gamergaters, or (alleged) ARSONISTS, and when you find out that your friend is engaged in outright reprehensible behavior you really CANNOT take the moral high ground when someone wants nothing to do with you for chilling with flat out harmful people. This kind of behavior is why we live in the kind of world we do, where people just give their friends a pass for being shitty people. You didn’t hear HIS side of the rape. You have to understand why they’re racist, they’re OLD and they don’t know any better. It’s about integrity in game journalism. It’s perpetuating the bad behavior of others by tacitly condoning it, is what it is, and when you pull that shit, the high ground is not yours to claim. Call it what it is, you value that friend more than you value their victims. End of story.


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