Happy Suprises…

WOOT! I’ll be performing at the TANYS (Theater Association of NYS) Banquet on the 18th, being sent by the Not So Common Players to sing “I know things now” from their production of “Into the Woods” this past summer.

I was actually contacted about this a litte while ago when the people from NSCP contacted me to make sure I was available before they submitted me to TANYS in place of our Cinderella who can’t go. (She won an award and would have received it at the banquet.) I’ve been not mentioning this till I knew it was for sure, but now it is.Laura A. invited me to sit with the people going for ART, so yesh. *Nids.* See any of ya who read this there.

*Bounces around.*

In other news, I had to go too THREE different polling places before I could find the one where I was supposed to vote. First I went to where I used to vote when I lived with my folks… that was the wrong place, so they sent me to another wrong place. Then I finaly went to the right place… and filled out an affidavit ballot. Ran into NSCP people there actually… working there. *Higgles.* They said I should file a complaint with the BOE regarding the way the folks at the first polling place wouldn’t let me look at the district map for myself, and then sent me to the wrong place.


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4 Responses to Happy Suprises…

  1. They wouldn’t let you look at the district map? WTF?!

  2. colossus716 says:

    Heh, congrats… At least I know you won’t have to be mic’d!

  3. Squeeeee, that’s awesome! You should be very proud ^_^

    OOH! MARISA! COME SEE HELLO, DOLLY! IN MARCH! *higgles* the cast list went up yesterday, Zack is Cornelius and I’m Irene 😀 it’s on the weekend of the 15th-18th, if you’re interested I shall have more info eventually XD

    And ew. Voting people are strange. And according to my Eco teacher, all at least 70 years old.

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