Ow… My Ex-Biology Student Brain…

I’ve always been a big fan of Biology… ever since High School… that’s why I was a Bio major when I first came to RPI. Yeah… I’m an EMAC now… (Cutler’s Chemistry I tell you!!!) So here I am… working for a company that makes training materials, with a big share of our work regarding the medical field. I like it cause I get to see un-cut surgery videos and make graphics of stuff covered in blood.. but… NO-ONE else here has any training in biology… at all. So sometimes I’m the only one to notice when, say, oh, I don’t know… the wrong answers people make up for a multiple choice question… are also technically right… but then… they correct me back.

“Organisms and Micro-Organisims are two very different things.”


If the correct answer were organisms, I might not care, Squares and Rectangles right? But when the correct answer is “Microorganisims” (and then only if you’re in the camp that says Viruses count, otherwise that should read “Microorganisims and Viruses”) somone who doesn’t read ALL the answers could easily get this wrong, even if they know the answer.

The third answer is “Germs.” This is ALSO CORRECT.


He concedes this and replaces it with “Parasites.”

Do I bother pointing out that Viruses are submicroscopic intracellular parasites or cut my losses… Oh Wait… we’re trying to sell this course to Doctors.



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