Yet another Open Letter…

Dear EB Games,

Stop taunting people.

If you don’t have any Wiis: put the boxes away. Break them down and stick em in the trash. I was in your store last weekend… and I thought I might buy one… but maybe not… so I went home and thought it over… then I decided I’d get one, and called the Best Buy, because I have GiftCards for Best Buy. I figured, if the EB Games just has rows of them on the shelf, they must be easier to get now… after all, they’ve been out since November. NOVEMBER. Why do they make video game systems so hard to get?

But Best Buy did not have any… so I called the EB Games where I saw them, and figured I’d spend my best buy cards on something else…but noooooooooo…. YOU don’t have any either… and you didn’t have them last week.

EB Games just likes to display EMPTY Wii BOXES.

Not the “Display Only” ones with the green corners either. Unmarked legit looking boxes.

Now I want a Wii… badly, and there are none in stock anyplace for miles. Wal*Mart says to call back every day between 11 and 1. Best Buy says check their Sunday circulars and when I see them comming in, be there before opening. YOU, EB Games, say you don’t know WHEN you’re getting them, they just magically show up now and then… I should call Target next… Knowing Toys R Us even if they had one in stock they wouldn’t tell me.

But you know what… thanks to your box prank… even if you get them in, I’m not buying a Wii from EB Games. As a matter of fact I’m not buying much of anything from EB Games, until you stop with the bait and switch boxes.


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