Manic Mae

Ok, so, I’ve been to the read thru and I didn’t mishear on the phone in the jiffy lube, I will in fact, be playing the part of “Mae” in the Not So Common Player’s summer production of “The Pajama Game.” *Bounce.* It’s kind of par for my course as roles go… small person, big mouth, kinda crazy. No song really, to speak of tho… *Shrigs.* She’s got about 8 notes of echoing Prez in the “Her Is” Reprise, but I do have a goodly handful of lines, and should definitly be able to work with the part.

I do however need to get a FOLDING chair. Toting the plastic stacking chair from our balcony back and forth to rehearsal (since it’s not really my chair, it’s my roomate Rachel’s chair) is going to be a pain if tonight was any indication.


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