OW OW OW OW OW… my poor brain

“Look. We have veins now.”

*Looks at illustration, assuming colloquial use of “veins” but sees they are in fact all blue, and the capillaries dead end.* “And we get arteries next?”


“Where are the arteries?”

“The what?”

*Dumbs down.”The RED veins.”

“Maybe there are none in this part.”

“. . . . . . . um . . . are you sure?” *Does not call her boss ‘wrong’ to his face.*

“Perhaps they’re on the other side of the spine. We’re only seeing one part here.”

“And where is the blood coming from that the veins are taking away?”

“What do you mean?”

“Remember High School Bio? Arteries deliver blood to cells, then Veins take it back to the heart?”


“Well they do… so… where are the arteries?”

“Not visible from this angle. There aren’t arteries in every part of you.”

“I’m not talking major arteries, I’ll grant you that there may be no major arteries, but these veins go down to capillaries, so, where are the smaller arteries?”

“This is just a cross section.”

*Gives the heck up.*

1 Hour Later

“Hey! You were right, they just sent us arteries. They did them in red.”

*Is not the least bit surprised.*

“I thought you just couldn’t see them from this side.”


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  1. thkya says:

    Wow, that’s… special.

  2. admiralmemo says:

    Um… *shakes head* Nothing really to say here.

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