Waiting is the Hardest Part…

So… Auditions for “Zanna Don’t” yesterday. On the one hand I actually had music prepared and everything for once… on the other hand I was auditioning for a director I was in children’s theater with… and one of the other people reading for the same role as me was involved in that same endeavor, but as one of the older people in charge of the kids. So basicaly I’m in competition with someone who, in my head, is inevitably and invariably better at this than I am. I mean, imagine the older kid on your block who when you were a kid was soooooo cool and you wanted to be just like them… then imagine they suddenly turned back up now, every bit as cool and in competition with you for something. On the one hand now you’re not just trying to impress the director, you want the cool kid to think you’re cool too, but on the other hand you feel like there’s no competing with that.

I went right from Auditions to Ichibon for Taco Su. Figured I deserved it after that roller coaster. Still waiting on casting… waiting is the hardest part.

In other news, my server seems to have been reconfigured without warning, again. They keep changing the PHP capabilities, so the fanlistings were all broken for a bit, and the syndication of my live journal was coming out as php error gook.


I think it’s fixed now. I’m trying to think positive about all of this. I cleaned all the public spaces of my apartment yesterday. I even mopped… I got a paper cut on my right index finger which burned like the devil cause I’d been using goo gone and lime away without gloves.


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