Ow… My Finger…

My right hand ring finger had an unfortunate run in with the front door yesterday. I was gardening and my hand was covered in mud so at first I didn’t notice the bleeding, but then it swole. I went to the urgent care center, and they did x-rays, and my distal phalanx, it is broke. Also I have a hematoma since it only bled a little on the finger side, and a bunch on the nail side, and mu finger tip turned all purple. They did a splint, and told me to see an orthopedist to see how long to keep it on.

The bad news is I’m an artist with a severe injury to my drawing hand, which bites.

The good news is they gave me the Lortabs.

Since there was a cut it’s technically an ‘open fracture’ so they gamme antibiotics too. I saw the orthopedist today and he said the splint stays on for 2 weeks, then come back. But also he cut the splint down some so it just splints the distal phalanx to the medial, and allows the finger to bend where it meets the hand… so I can hold a Wiimote, and I’ll be able to mouse at work, without the splint on my palm getting in the way.

I go back to work tomorow, if I can hack it without the Lortabs.

Mmmmmmm…. Lortabs.


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  1. arkineux says:

    Wow! I’m sorry to hear that.
    Um, I can’t seem to find your email address, so here’s my Wii number:
    8031 4303 7948 3020

    • admin says:

      Kewl!!! If you log in, you can see a friends only post, just before this one, that has my numbers in it, both the message one, and the smash one. Apprently both sides must register one another’s friends number for it to work. Dunno about Smash.

      Why Nintendo makes it so damn complicated is beyond me, I mean they say it’s to protect kids, but, Wii has parental controls… can’t they just use THAT to protect kids from talking to peole their parents don’t want them to?


      • arkineux says:

        I’m logged in, but the last post I see from you is from Feb. 20th. :-/

        • admin says:

          Ok, I had it so only the players group (which you are part of, and I know could see it cause Noah replied) and the other real life group, could see it… odd that you can’t.

          I’ve now set it so ALL friends can see it.

          Can you?


          • arkineux says:

            Yes! I’ve got it now. Thanks!

          • admin says:

            Dude… I put your number in two days ago but it’s still acting like you haven’t put mine in. Have you just not gotten round to putting it in, is your Wii Connect 24 turned off, or am I experiencing the apparently common trouble of being unable to properly register friends? *Shakes fist at Nintendo.* Why must they make this so HARD!!!


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