Heh… Where have I BEEN?

Well there… I seem to have been poked to write a blog entry so here it is. Ta Da!

So what am I up to? Currently I’m APSM for EOP at RPI. (Acronym Translation: I’m Assistant Production Stage Manager for Evening of Performance at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.) Also I’ve just been cast as Lynette “Squeeky” Fromme in their upcoming spring Musical, Steven Sondheim’s Assassins.

That means I can spend the time I’d spend at work normally looking for jobs, and spend my evenings the same as I always do.

Also I’m joining a LARP at SUNY Albany it’s V:tM with V:tR mechanics. (Acronym Translation: Also I’m joining a Live Action Role Play at State University of New York Albany it’s Vampire: the Masquerade with Vampire: the Requiem mechanics.)

So yeah… that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ll try and post blog entries more often now that I’ve got the time on my hands.


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