Sometimes Life Just Hates You…

This was one of those times:

Ok, so… the last week of December, I woke one morning… I believe Tuesday the 30th… but it could have been New Years Day, as I’m writing this in February, to discover before work, that a lighting fixture I’d been harassing my landlord about, had fallen out of a tree and onto my car, conveniently removing my rear wind shield in many MANY little pieces, and putting a hefty scratch on my trunk.

Now mind you I hadn’t been harassing them about the light being unstable or anything… just about it not lighting. They started work on that problem before the ice storm and left the work unfinished. It’s still unfinished as of this writing.

Anyhow, my neighbor knocked on the door to let me know that the light had fallen on my car, and that her husband (fiance back then, I think) was taking pictures. I came out… gawked… went inside, called in to mSS to let them know, I was going to be late, if I came in at all, because my car was nigh on undrivable. Then I called my parents, and my insurance company and a bunch of other places, and suffice it to say I took the car into the shop, and was provided with an Enterprise Rent-A-Car (not only do they pick you up, but when you’re in a rush and your car is a wreck, they drop off cars at collision repair shops.)

Kia Rios are ADORABLE but they are SHIT IN THE SNOW.

I got to work mega late, but left on time anyway, because I really didn’t need (mental health wise) to be there any longer that day, and besides, my boss let it slip to me in December that the girl who started Jan 2nd, was coming to replace me. Not really the wisest move.

So la-de da. My father picked me up for New Years at my parents house because Jake was down in Somers, and I wasn’t driving the Kia over there in that weather if I didn’t have to, and certainly wasn’t driving it HOME at 3am with all the drunk drivers, in the snow, since it was crap to begin with.

Tuesday the 6th, I show up at 8am to get my car back… and at about 8:40 they bring it around to the front: running, and clear of snow. I think “YAY!” and hop in my Civic with full set of snow tires, and ride off to work, only a little bit late. That night, as I tried to leave work, I discover why they gave it back running.

The Battery was dead.

So was my jumper box.

I had to get a jump off my boss.

Now at this point I thought the battery had just run down during the time it spent sitting in the repair shop, and surely driving it home, the alternator would give it a charge and everything would be fine. No dice. The net morning it was still dead. I borrowed charger cables from my downstairs neigbor, and got a charge off another neighbor, and arrived way late for work as a result… I got another charge off my boss to get home… next morning same deal, except I got up early to try and get a charge before I got late. It didn’t work…. that night, Thursday night, I said to hell with staying late to make up the time, I need to get this battery replaced, and got out of there on time, and went and did just that.

Friday was much better… woke up, got dressed, started my car without a problem and headed off to work. Found a parking space, and started up for the office… only about 5 minutes late… and as I crossed the last intersection onto the block with my office building, hit black ice and landed on my back in the street. I didn’t know it at the time, but the sales force saw from upstairs and were laughing their butts off. In the morning meeting, I got a splinter from the conference table… then I tore a belt loop off my jeans adjusting my pants… then I got a call from a dear friend saying she was in the hospital (she’s fine as of this writing,)…

Then I got fired.

Sometimes life just hates you…


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