How I Spent my Weekend…

Friday, December 12th cold, cold, cold day… inside my apartment. I actually went to bed on Thursday thinking nothing of the ice storm. I know now that allot of people lost power Thursday but we had ours till sometime after I went to sleep… needless to say I was late for work, since my alarm plugs into the wall. I called into work to report being late and make sure they had power, because if they didn’t… I shouldn’t bother going right? I mean… I work on computers. No power, no computers. My boss was not happy, but then he never was… They had power so I went to work.

I left on time too… to pick up Pizza from the Venezia… which was the only place we knew of in town that had power, and bring it to my parent’s house, to stay the night, in the comfort of their fireplace warmth. They had no power either, but a fireplace for heat, and having water that runs was a step up from my place. Rachel came over too, and we had a nice little camp out listening to the battery operated radio news, and chilling.

Saturday I went home to check on the cats and discovered the temperature in the apartment was already down into the 40’s, so I decided, despite the pain in the arse it would be, to bring them to my parent’s house for the duration. they were more well behaved than I expected, settling into my parents house as if it were no big deal, properly using their scratch posts and not Mom’s couches, and not being a pest. The only thing we had to do was put bricks under the woodstove, because Trixie kept trying to sleep under there… where she would bake her tiny kitty brains.

After being evicted from there, she made herself at home in Pixie’s old bed, which my parents hadn’t gotten rid of or put away yet. She was so at home there, that Papa let her take it home with us at the end of the weekend (to the date of this writing, it remains her favorite place.) Frankie played around some, and got past the sheets into the living room a couple times, but mom put up a baby gate, and then he was no longer able to sneak in there. Mostly he just laid on the ottoman in the sun in the Family Room. I honestly think they would have gotten in more trouble were they not so tempted to stay in the family room, as it was the warmest place. I read all day… cause what else was I going to do?

Also on Saturday our across the street neighbors, who had a generator (and were flaunting it, with the Christmas lights on all night) offered us to come over and warm up… but we were already warm with the fireplace. My parents took him up on the offer of hot showers however as they were due at a Christmas Party that night, and the banquet house reportedly had power.

That night Rachel went to her parent’s house, since they had power back, so I was left at my parents house alone and fluish, so I spent the night at the folks eating chicken soup warmed on the top of the gas woodstove (seems a contradiction no?), and when it got to dark to read, playing my Nintendo DS. Yey for battery operated video games, and car jumper boxes that double as emergency power sources! We were also charging the cell phones off the jumper box (in retrospect, that’s probably why it was dead when I needed it in January.) Then I went to bed early…

Sunday was more of the same, mostly keeping an eye on the cats (who spent the night locked in separate bathrooms) and reading… till I got a call from Rachel saying our power was back! Great news because I really didn’t want to have to leave the cats in bathrooms all day when I went back to work on Monday…


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