Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas all!!! I had a great year this year, we got the tree all up and shiney and we stayed home long enough this time for me to sing with the chior on Christmass Eve Mass. I love doing that… it’s my favorite part of the Christmas season… there’s nothing like trying to keep up with the vocal acrobatics of faced paced multy harmony music, or just trying to make it all the way through the “Glooooo-ooooooooooo-ooooooo-ooooooo-ria!” part of “Angels We Have Heard on High” at a full belt without breathing.

My Favorite song to sing was “Calypso Christmas,” Which was three/four Part harmony, (The altos and Second Sopranos were in unison most of the time,) in which the sepearate Parts aren’t harmonies, but actualy 2-3 separate countermelodies (depending on what part you are at) with diferent rythems and lyrics. It’s great fun. *Grins.*

And the Gifts were ptretty nifty too… I got 2 Pair ToeSocks From my Brother, and my parents gave me the First Season Bablyon 5 DVDS, The Sims Making Magic, and all 5 Harry Potter Books in a Special Edition Boxed Set (Though the 5th book isn’t actualy in the inner box… *Pokes Amazons failure to mention that.*)

The BF came over too yesterday, after dinner, and he braught me a MicroSizers RC Car… it’s realy nifty, and you can do teeny tiny hop ups and things for it. *Grins.* If I get the VW Bug Body… I’ll have a Micro Sized Version of my Dream car, (An Electric Blue VW Bug, with Automatic (*ducks from standard lovers*) and a Vanity Plate Reading ITHSILZA (Yes I know there’s another H in Ithsil’Zha, but that won’t fit on a Licence Plate.)

I got him an Anime DVD, and My Mom a JC Penny Giftcard, and my Brother a Candy Express Gift Certificate, and My Father some GeoMags. I got gifts for My Aunts and Uncles… (all 4 of them… 2 by marrage, so 2 gifts, one for each couple) and for my grandparents, and each of my 2 cousins, but on the off chance they are reading this (Well I know the cousins aren’t… they to young,) I won’t say what.

Tomorow we got to NJ for my Older Cousin Shayla’s Birthday Party… though her birthday is realy today, and She’s 2.


She of course gets two gifts, one for Christmas and one for Birthday, though reach gift actualy contains two items, *Higgles.* I think I just love finaly Having the cousins I’ve been hearing about all my life from freinds. I mean I have two other first cousins, but I never see them, cause they are on my fathers side of the family…

They are so cute and little and loveable… and I hope when they get old enough to know better they don’t both decide they don’t like me… I wanna be the cool cousin. Afteral… I’m only 3 years younger than my Aunt was when my mom had me… I think… or was it 4… *Shrigs.* It’s still close.

Anywho… off to sheep with me… car trip tomara… lets hope it’s better than last time.


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